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Your partner in business development:
  • Market entry strategies
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Leads sourcing
  • Effective representation
  • Investment opportunities
  • Valuable networking
  • Quality information
  • Marketing optimisation
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Commodities trading


CTN Centre is a consultancy, trade and network solution provider. We help companies to develop their business's brand identity, enter new markets, maximise sales revenue and facilitate growth through custom research, strategic consultancy, sourcing, marketing and representation. Our main markets are Turkey, Russia, EU and MENA countries.

Our main website offers a private community network set up for buyers, suppliers and service providers. The community helps members to promote trade leads and get updates on the investment opportunities. The network allows members to communicate and exchange business related information via classifieds, mail messenger and chat. Joining our community network is easy - simply complete the registration form and start networking.

Proven strategies
Custom solutions
Wide network
Marketing power
Flexible approach
Creative vision
Experience & knowledge
Reliable service

CTN Turkey CTN Turkey assists international companies and individuals to build their businesses, trading activities and investments in Turkey. We specialise in strengthening the market position of our clients locally.
CTN Russia CTN Russia represents and promotes the interests of its clients by supporting them in doing business with and in Russia through information support and through activities aimed at improving business environment.
CTN Events CTN Events organises international conferences in Turkey in various industry sectors and also offers event management of corporate meetings, B2B trade missions, product launches and private parties.
CTN Business CTN Business offers a range of professional business services that can help your organisation to develop its identity, customer base, sales volumes, growth and prosperity. Save time and money by outsourcing our expertise.
CTN Research CTN Research provides independent and reliable analytical information for export, sourcing, market entry, business development etc. that are precisely tailored to each client’s specific needs and objectives.
CTN Trading CTN Trading trades commodity products from Turkey, Russia, EU & MENA countries. Due to long standing relations we have the buying power which enables us to offer competitive prices.
CTN Retail CTN Retail distributes, markets and sells retail products though its own channels. We can help companies to enter new markets and reach new customers in Turkey, Russia, EU and Middle East countries.
CTN Logistics CTN Logistics offers turnkey solutions in supply chain management and provides reliable and professional service in logistics and transportation from Russia to EU/Turkey and from EU/Turkey to Russia.
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  - Market research
- Surveys & interviews
- Client/partner search
- Market reports
  - Event management
- Conferences
- Trade missions
- Corporate meetings
- Incentives & rewards
- Team building
- Product launches
- Private parties
  - Steel products
- Cement products
- Building materials
- Raw materials
- Retail
- Chemicals
- Fertilizers
- Food products
  - Consultancy
- Marketing support
- Import/export agent
- Tender coordination
- Web development
- Graphic design
- Language translation
- Legal & tax services
  - Turkey, Russia, EU
- Import/export delivery
- Customs clearance
- Warehousing
- Cargo insurance
- Cargo security
- Project management
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